Fortis Bank welcomes new deal with BNP Paribas

Fortis Bank welcomes new deal with BNP Paribas
Fortis Bank acknowledges the efforts made by BNP Paribas, the Belgian government and Fortis
holding to come to a new deal, confirming1 BNP Paribas as the future majority owner of Fortis
Bank, alongside the Belgian state2, and the Luxembourg State in our affiliate BGL.
‘We welcome the new deal with BNP Paribas,’ comments Fortis Bank CEO Filip Dierckx.
‘Going forward with BNP Paribas will allow us, the bank and its highly motivated staff, to build
a future within a truly European financial company for the benefit of our customers. Since
October last year, the Board of Directors – taking responsibility for its millions of customers, its
38,000 employees and its shareholders – has been preparing for this decision. Once this deal
will become finally approved, the bank will be ready to roll out integration initiatives, while
guaranteeing seamless service for our customers.’
Through this transaction, BNP Paribas will strengthen its position as an integrated bank in
Europe, with new, high-quality franchises and two new domestic markets. In retail banking, the
financial group will become the leading bank in the euro-zone in terms of deposits. BNP Paribas
also joins the top five in asset management, and becomes the euro-zone’s leading private bank.

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